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 Consulting, Training, and Investigation


Whether locally, nationally, or internationally, The 1811 Group provides a level of commitment, professionalism, and expertise second to none.

The 1811 (Eighteen-Eleven) Group takes its name from the United States Government Schedule (GS-1811) that designates Special Agents for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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Business Meeting
Business Meeting


The 1811 Group's team of retired FBI Special Agents is ready to handle any investigative need.  We have the experience, skills, and knowledge to conduct the most complex and wide-ranging investigations to include but not limited to:

Fraud Schemes, Corporate Corruption, Corporate Espionage, Financial  and Investment Scams, Insider Theft, International Fraud and Corruption, Elderly Abuse, Insurance Claims, Health Care Claims, Workers Compensation Matters, Employment Fraud, Employee Misconduct

We also provide the full range of investigative services to include locating persons and assets, surveillance, interviews and interrogations, document retrieval, etc.  We also perform cold case reviews and reinvestigations.



 We specialize in a wide range of consulting and training services spanning every facet of law enforcement activities, security services, and intelligence collection. 


Our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your situation and provide you with a detailed curriculum on how to enhance your organizations capabilities. Don't risk failure that could result in a loss of confidence in your organization before allowing our team to evaluate the facts of your situation and prepare a course of action that can help ensure the success of your organizations mission.

Our core training programs include: Criminal and CounterTerrorism Investigations, Human Source Identification Recruitment and Handling, Interrogation and Interviewing, High Value Target Protection, Room Entry Clearing and Arrest Procedures.  



Going to trial?  Facing a hearing, deposition, or testifying? Our team has significant trial, grand jury, and other judicial proceedings experience. Don't go into a proceeding or meeting unprepared and risk jeopardizing your livelihood or freedom. Let our staff review your case to identify areas of concern and strength, and put you in a position to make the best strategic legal decisions.  We are fully equipped to handle all your eDiscovery, discovery, and evidentiary needs.


Looking for more than standard private investigative work?  The 1811 Group was created to specifically address all of your unique needs.  With certified undercover agents and decorated intelligence collection agents, we are ready to engage in the same sophisticated techniques used by the FBI to satisfy the most difficult intelligence collection requirements. Don't risk your money or company without allowing us to employ our expert ability to vet people, places, and portfolios.  

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