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FBI quality investigations and intelligence collection.
Don't be drawn in by another firm's exhaustive list of specialties.  All successful investigations boil down to how well-trained the investigator is combined with their experience.  Whether you're looking to gain insight on a person's character or acquire facts; success comes down to who is conducting the interviews.  

Fraud Investigations

Insurance, Employment, Financial, Health Care, etc.

Let our team track down and interview witnesses, participants, or other interested parties to your situation in order to collect the facts that you'll need to win in court or any legal or business proceeding.


Individual Assessments

Romantic, Professional, Social, etc.

Need to better assess a person prior to entering into a business, social, or personal relationship with them?  We conduct extensive due diligence investigations so you can be assured of making the most informed decisions. 

Elder Abuse Matters

Fraudulent Guardianship and Conservatorship.

The 1811 Group has extensive experience in investigation the legitimacy of a Guardians and Conservator appointment. Don't let your elderly parent, spouse, relative or close friend be taken advantage of by means of a fraudulent petition to have them declared an incapacitated person and made ward of the state.


Professional FBI quality operations.

Need to know where someone is? What they are up to?  Who they are with?  Every one of our investigators has over 20 years of FBI surveillance experience.  Don't jeopardize your investigation by using less than the best. We have the training and experience ensure our surveillance isn't detected and gets you the answers you need.

Records Checks

Divorces, liens, judgments, convictions, etc.

Let our team source the records you need. 

Criminal and Legal Judgements - Weapon Ownership - Assets Identification - Behavioral Data Acquaintances - Associations - Addresses

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