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What to look for when hiring a Private Investigator.

Updated: Nov 16, 2023


If you are in the position of needing a private investigator, then you've probably been concerned with how to go about picking one that will get you the results you need.

Having worked as a Special Agent for the FBI for over twenty years, I have seen a variety in how detectives, investigators, and special agents tackle an investigation. One thing that is constant throughout successful investigations is a serious, and professional investigator. The question now becomes: How to identify one?

My first recommendation is to closely evaluate the information the investigator is putting out about themself. Here are three things to consider:

  1. Does their website site try to distract you with pictures of them with a fancy camera in their car, or dressed in dark sunglasses and a trench coat? If so, pass on them. Serious, experienced, and capable investigators don't portray themselves as Hollywood stereotypes.

  2. Does their website overwhelm you with a seemingly endless list of services? If so, take a moment to consider how many areas a person can really be an expert in. In my experience, the longer the list of things a person claims to be able to do usually translates to them not being very capable in most of them. It is merely a marketing technique aimed at dazzling you.

  3. How does the material on their website read? Does it have spelling or grammatical errors? If so, pass on them. Report writing is crucial in documenting investigative findings. Few things call into questions the information obtained in an investigation then spelling and grammatical errors. If they've made mistakes like those, did they make mistakes in the content of the report that could lead you to make poor decisions based on those errors? Remember that the investigator you hire could be the person you're relying on to collect information for potential legal proceedings.

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