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Advanced investigation techniques for the most sensitive and complex information requirements. 

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We closely examine your company's security policy and procedures and provide expert solutions to any issues that raise concerns. With technology and social media evolving rapidly, don't let your company's policy fall behind leaving you unprotected and vulnerable to issues that could jeopardize productivity.

We conduct an exhaustive security evaluation of your company and provide you with recommendations that elevate your company's security posture.  We help you know your weaknesses and your strengths so your company is never surprised. 

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Too many investors fall into the trap of pursuing an investment based on an impressive prospectus only later to discover it was a sham.  Our team of investigators have an unrivaled record of success investigating financial fraud schemes.  Before you invest, allow us the opportunity to vet the information and individuals associated with financial opportunity.

We completely and thoroughly vet all key members and stakeholders, conduct exhaustive record checks, and examine all real estate to ensure your investment opportunities are above board and in compliance with their stated risk assessments. 


The FBI is the sole organization responsible for conducting background checks on people selected for the most sensitive and important positions in the U.S. Government.

The 1811 Group is the only firm completely staffed with former FBI Agents specifically trained to conduct the kind of evaluations needed to ensure confidence in personnel hiring or retention decisions. Whether you're a sports franchise, Fortune 500 company, or a small firm, we provide you with a complete background report on the individuals you are considering hiring or the athletes to whom you wish to offer contracts. 

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