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•    President's Award for Integrity for successfully investigating the bribery scheme of Congressman Randall "Duke" Cunningham.

•    Meritorious Unit Award for Intelligence Collection for work on a National Security Undercover Operation pursuant to Executive Order 12333.

​•    Led undercover investigation into multiple members of the California state legislature that resulted in the convictions of Senator Leland Yee, Senator Ron Calderon, and the collection of invaluable evidence on several other legislators.

•    Deployed overseas to investigate Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations and successfully initiated investigations into kickback schemes for multi-million dollar military contracts.

•    Multiple international corruption investigations and overseas operations regarding international contract corruption matters related to U.S. Military contracts that resulted in the conviction of 8 individuals.

•    Conducted major investigation into California Department of Motor Vehicles fraud relating to the issuance of commercial drivers licenses to untrained and unqualified individuals that has led to the conviction of dozens, to include prominent DMV employees.

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